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Marriage Details

Denomination:Church of England
Date:5-Jun 1823
Groom's Surname:JEWELL
Groom's Forenames:Richard
Groom's Age:-
Groom's Abode:Mylor
Groom's Condition:Widower
Groom's Occupation:-
Groom Mark or Sign:Sign
Groom Father's Forename:-
Groom's Father's Occupation:-
Bride's Surname:CADDY
Bride's Forenames:Mallenson
Bride's Age:-
Bride's Abode:Falmouth
Bride's Condition:Widow
Bride's Occupation:-
Bride Mark or Sign:Mark
Bride's Father's Forenames:-
Bride's Father's Occupation:-
Banns or License:Licence
Witness 1 Surname:STUILDON
Witness 1 Forenames:John
Witness 2 Surname:VINCENT
Witness 2 Forenames:Elizabeth
Register Notes:-
Transcriber's Notes:-
Transcriber:Peter Relph
Source Film No:1596064
Source Image No:4280035_01304
Database ID:2120

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