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Surname Forename Death Age/
Location of Inscription Erected by Other Details
STEPHENS John Philip 14-Mar 1938 77 Window N. Aisle   Organist 67 years. 
BATHURST Earl Allen See LEMON Sir William
GREGORY John 06-Apr 1931 Oak Tablet S. Wall of recess to W. Door Guiseppe VIGNOLO to memory of his master of Greatwood
BONYTHON Richard 31-Jul 1697 in 45th yr. Tablet W. wall of N. transept. Jane BONYTHON, widow. of Carclew Esq. Honora (wife) dau. of Sir Thomas HELE, Bart of  Fleet, Devon & relict of Sir Gregory HOCKMORE of Buckland, Devon. Died 28-Mar 1710 in 76th yr. Jane (only dau) wife of Samuel KEMPE of Penryn. Died S.P. 20-Oct 1728 in 59th yr.  Carclew Esta
BULLER James See LEMON, Sir William
BURKE James 09-Jan 1812 Tablet W. wall of S. Aisle   2nd son of Sir Thomas  Bart of Marble Hill, Galway.  Died 09-Jan 1812 in 18th yr.
COCKS Honble. Reginald   Tablet N. Wall   Youngest son of Lord SOMMERS and Ann his wife, dau. of Reginald POLE Esq. Born 14-Jan 1777. Died 20-Nov 1805. Henry Sommers only child of above & Anne dau. of James COCKS.
COSENS E.A. 12-May 1898 Brass. N. Wall   Vicar
DE DUNSTANVILLE & BASSET Lord Francis   And Harriet.  See LEMON, Harriet.
DONOUGHMORE John 3rd Earl.  See TREMAYNE,  Lady Frances Margaret
1838 N. window of chancel   Capt. R.N. Wrecked in H.M.S. Briscus.
DYKE Louisa Ann 28-May 1861 Tablet N. Wall of N. transept   Niece of Sir Charles LEMON, died London.
EADY Alicia Peel   See GRIFFIN, Charles
FORRESTER George 18-Aug 1879 21-Jan 1861 Tablet W. Wall of S. Aisle   5th son of Robert & Mary Buckley. Died at Vaud, Switzerland
FOXSTRANGWAYS Henry Thomas   See LEMON, Charlotte Ann
GRIFFIN Charles E. window of S. transept 1897 by children Capt. R.N.  Catherine (wife) EADY Alicia Pell (dau) wife of Edward E.
GUION Harriet 13-Jul 1806 27 Tablet W. wall of S. transept   Wife of Lieut G. R.N.
HAMMETT Richard See HOPPER, Wilhelmina Dorothea
HASWELL John 28-Jul 1811 32 Tablet E. Wall of S. transept   Capt. H.M.S. "Echo".  Died Deal.
HELE Sir Thomas   See BONYTHON, Richard
HELY-HUTCHINSON Lady Jane Louisa 29-Aug 1868 W. Window of N. Transept    
HOCKMORE Sir Gregory   See BONYTHON, Richard
HOPPER Wilhelmina Dorothea 08-Jun 1808 29 Tablet N. wall of N. Aisle   Wife of Thomas H. of Silksworth House, Durham & dau of Richard HAMMETT, Rector of Clovelly, Devon.
JONES Thomas H. 07-Dec 1828 52 Tablet W. wall of S. aisle   Gent of St. Servan, France.
KEMPE Samuel See BONYTHON, Richard
LAKE Eliz. 12-Aug 1806 41 S Wall of S. aisle   Wife of William & dau. of Thomas TOFIELD of Wilsick, Yorks.
LEMON Sir Charles 12-Feb 1868 03-Sep 1784 Tablet S. Wall N. transept   Bart of Carclew. M.P. Penryn for 30 yrs.Married 05-Dec 1810 Lady Charlotte Ann FOX STRANGWAYS 4th dau. of HenryTHOMAS 2nd Earl ILCHESTER.  Outlived his wife 42 yrs. 
LEMON Charles William 18-Apr 1826 1813 Son of Sir Chas.
LEMON Charlotte Ann 27-May 1826 07-Feb 1784 Tablet S. wall of N. transept   Wife of Sir Charles Bart of Carclew, Mother of three who all predeceased her.
LEMON Charlotte Augusta Caroline 20-May 1825 10-Jan 1816 Tablet S. wall of N. transept   Dau. of Sir Charles & Lady Charlotte. Died Aix, Savoy. Buried Saconnex, Nr. Geneva
LEMON Harriet 11-Apr 1866* Tablet N. wall of N. transept  

4th Dau. of late Sir William of Carclew & widow of Francis Lord  DE DUNSTANVILLE & BASSET.  Died London leaving four children*.  Buried Kensal Green
[* There appears to have been an error in the original notes confusing this record with that of Lady Frances Margaret TREMAYNE; the probable original is as follows:
"In memory of Harriet. 4th daughter of the late Sir William Lemon. Bart. of Carclew, in this Parish. and widow of Francis Lord de Dunstanville and Basset. She died in London Dec. 30. 1864, and was buried at Kensal Green."
The latter was taken from a transcription by Richard Milsom of Hugh Pengelly Olivey's "Notes on the Parish of Mylor"
8 Nov 2008 Peter Relph]

LEMON Lady  17-Jun 1823 Tablet W wall of N. transept. By Husband Wife of Sir William. Bart & Eldest dau. of James BULLER. M.P. for Cornwall, by Jane dau. of Allen Earl BATHURST. Married 52 yrs.
LEMON Sir William 11-Dec 1824 1748 of Carclew. M.P. 
LUCE William 1874 N. window of chancel   Died Malmesbury, Wilts.
MOORE Henry 07-Dec 1810 50 Tablet W. wall, N.aisle   Major 4th Dragoon Guards.
MURRAY Jeffreys Wilkins   Brass over Vestry Door   Vicar
NANKIVELL John 15-Sep 1812 34 Tablet W. wall of N. aisle Widow Henrietta Of H.M.'s Packet "Princess Amelia"
NICHOLLS Alfred 28-May 1878 23 Tablet S. Side of E. pier of S. aisle   Chief Officer of the Moss Glen. Son of Alfred & Eliz. Drowned & buried Hong Kong.
NORWAY Nevil D.L. 27-Feb 1887 79 S. window of S. transept   J.P.
OLIVEY James 25-May 1855 16 Tablet S. Wall   R.N.  5th son of H.O. & P. his wife. Died at sea. Richard R.N. son of same. died Hankow 9-Sep 1876 age 36. Walter Rice, Lieut. 66th Regt. son of Lt. Col. W.R.O. Pay Dept.  Killed Marwand 27-Jul 1880 age 20. Herbert Edward son of same. Capt. Suffolk Regt
PARKER Richard Gazely   Tablet N. wall of Chancel   Vicar 1898 to 1923
PELLEW Samuel Humphry 18-Feb 1843 89 Tablet E. wall of S. transept.   of Treverry.  Collector of Customs Falmouth.  Died Torquay.  Jane (wife) died Falmouth 16-Nov 1821 age 67; Jane (dau) died London 03-Oct 1811 age 17
PELLEW Samuel Humphry 28-Mar 1854 61 Tablet W. wall of S. transept   Only son of last.  Died Falmouth
PETERS Jonathan See TREMAYNE, Emma Penelope
POLE Reginald See COCKS, Reginald
PHILLPOTTS Canon See TREMAYNE, Emma Penelope
POLE Reginald See COCKS, Reginald
TOFIELD Eliz. See LAKE, Eliz.
TREFUSIS Francis 05-Nov 1680 08-Jul 1650 Tablet S.E. corner of S. aisle    
TREFUSIS Robert Cotton St. John 07-Oct 1832 45 Tablet E. wall, N. aisle   Baron.Clinton & Saye. Died Italy.
TREMAYNE Arthur 14-Nov 1905 15-May 1827 Tablet N. wall of N. transept   Lt. Col. 13th Light Dragoons
TREMAYNE Arthur Richard 30-Jan 1862 17-Sep 1861 Brass N. Wall N. transept   Eldest child of Lt. Col. & Lady Frances Margaret. Born Dublin. Died London. Bur'd Kensal Green.
TREMAYNE Charles Lewis 25-Feb 1870 14-Feb 1864 Brass, N.Wall, N. transept   4th Son of Lt. Col. Arthur  and Lady Frances Margaret.  Born London, Died Slough
TREMAYNE Emma Penelope 12-May 1931 15-Aug 1842 Tablet N. wall of N. transept   Widow of Lt. Col. Arthur & 6th dau. of Canon PHILLPOTTS of Porthgweddin.  
TREMAYNE Lady Frances Margaret 11-Apr 1866 Tablet N. wall of N. transept, & window in E. Wall of N. transept   Wife of Lt. Col. Arthur & dau. of John 3rd Earl DONOUGHMORE. Died leaving four children.
TREMAYNE William Francis 13-Feb 1930 67 Tablet E. wall of N. transept   Capt. 4th Dragoons
VIGNOLO Guiseppe See BOND, John Gregory
VILLIERS Thomas Hyde 03-Dec 1832 31 Tablet N. wall of E. pier, N. aisle   2nd. son of Honble George , M.P. Falmouth. Died Carclew.
WARREN John Richard 18-Jan 1862 23 Tablet W. wall of S. aisle   R.N. Died St. Helena.
WATSON George 28-Jun 1804 20 Tablet W wall of N. aisle   Lieut. R.N. 2nd son of Charles Esq. of saughton, Midlothian.
WEBBE Charles Feb? 1839 40 Tablet W. wall S. transept   Lieut. R.N. Wrecked at Halifax
WHITEHEAD William 13-Aug 1823 45 Tablet S. wall of S. aisle   Curate.
YESCOMBE Edward Bayntum 12-Aug 1803 38 Tablet S. wall of S. aisle   Comdr. King George Lisbon Packet
YESCOMBE Susannah 10-Nov 1826 62 Tablet S. wall of S. aisle   Widow of Edward Bayntum & dau. of Jonathan PETERS Vicar of St. Clements & Eliz. his wife.


Contributed by Shirley Cattermole.

Source: LDS Film 476219

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