Genealogy of the Relph & Willis families
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Queensland, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLOMGREN, Thelma Julia  1900Queensland, Australia P-1642779572 Relph_Willis 
2 BONHAM, Llewellyn David George  1 Apr 1897Queensland, Australia I3407 Relph_Willis 
3 BOWLES, Henry  1890Queensland, Australia P-1997163276 Relph_Willis 
4 BUZACOTT, Agnes Verney  1866Queensland, Australia I3632 Relph_Willis 
5 BUZACOTT, Ethel Verney  1880Queensland, Australia I3638 Relph_Willis 
6 BUZACOTT, Florence Mary  1875Queensland, Australia I3636 Relph_Willis 
7 BUZACOTT, Gertrude Alice  1873Queensland, Australia I3635 Relph_Willis 
8 BUZACOTT, Helen  1862Queensland, Australia I3630 Relph_Willis 
9 BUZACOTT, Jessie Melville  1880Queensland, Australia I3637 Relph_Willis 
10 BUZACOTT, Violette  1864Queensland, Australia I3631 Relph_Willis 
11 BUZACOTT, Walter Sewell  1870Queensland, Australia I3634 Relph_Willis 
12 BUZACOTT, William  1868Queensland, Australia I3633 Relph_Willis 
13 CATHCART, Ida  3 Feb 1896Queensland, Australia P-1996997815 Relph_Willis 
14 CATHCART, William Carlton  12 Nov 1892Queensland, Australia P-1996998000 Relph_Willis 
15 CHARLTON, Daisy Doris  1897Queensland, Australia P-1642830438 Relph_Willis 
16 CHARLTON, Norman  1895Queensland, Australia P-1642831709 Relph_Willis 
17 CHARLTON, William James  1893Queensland, Australia P-1642832067 Relph_Willis 
18 COLQUHOUN, Alfred Percy  1892Queensland, Australia P-334109362 Relph_Willis 
19 COLQUHOUN, Amey  1897Queensland, Australia P-334107631 Relph_Willis 
20 COLQUHOUN, Edgar Ernest  1901Queensland, Australia P-334107059 Relph_Willis 
21 COLQUHOUN, Lillian Emma  1894Queensland, Australia P-334108417 Relph_Willis 
22 COLQUHOUN, Mabel  1898Queensland, Australia P-334106384 Relph_Willis 
23 CURRELL, Mary Alma  1879Queensland, Australia P-1796597758 Relph_Willis 
24 DOWRICK, Ethel Violet  1894Queensland, Australia P-1327018640 Relph_Willis 
25 DOWRICK, George Henry  1888Queensland, Australia P-1327019112 Relph_Willis 
26 DOWRICK, Laura Jane  1883Queensland, Australia P-1327019686 Relph_Willis 
27 DOWRICK, Mabel  1886Queensland, Australia P-1327019416 Relph_Willis 
28 EGERTON, Mary Ellen  1884Queensland, Australia I3749 Relph_Willis 
29 GARDINER, Edith  20 Aug 1893Queensland, Australia P-1834555526 Relph_Willis 
30 GOLEBY, Albert  7 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1797211240 Relph_Willis 
31 GOLEBY, Frederick John  1886Queensland, Australia P-1094192555 Relph_Willis 
32 GOLEBY, Joseph James  1900Queensland, Australia P-1642792775 Relph_Willis 
33 GOLEBY, Maud  1884Queensland, Australia P-1094193510 Relph_Willis 
34 GOLEBY, Ruby Maria  1893Queensland, Australia P-1094192378 Relph_Willis 
35 GOLEBY, Thomas James Arthur  1882Queensland, Australia P-1094193732 Relph_Willis 
36 GRIEVE, Alice Maud  1885Queensland, Australia P-1554071889 Relph_Willis 
37 GRIEVE, Beatrice Maud  1894Queensland, Australia P-334744750 Relph_Willis 
38 GRIEVE, Charles  1882Queensland, Australia P-1997923430 Relph_Willis 
39 GRIEVE, CHARLES OLIVER  22 Nov 1891Queensland, Australia P-2062316276 Relph_Willis 
40 GRIEVE, Edith Emma  26 Oct 1889Queensland, Australia P-1997298783 Relph_Willis 
41 GRIEVE, Elizabeth Emma  1869Queensland, Australia P-1997933405 Relph_Willis 
42 GRIEVE, Eveline Catherwood  1894Queensland, Australia P-334747626 Relph_Willis 
43 GRIEVE, Frederick Alfred  1901Queensland, Australia P-334739111 Relph_Willis 
44 GRIEVE, Harriett  30 Nov 1874Queensland, Australia P-1997923823 Relph_Willis 
45 GRIEVE, Henry Leighton  1891Queensland, Australia P-334835785 Relph_Willis 
46 GRIEVE, James Andrew  7 Jun 1887Queensland, Australia P-1997299876 Relph_Willis 
47 GRIEVE, Jane  2 Sep 1896Queensland, Australia P-1997280640 Relph_Willis 
48 GRIEVE, John Henry  1880Queensland, Australia P-1642712791 Relph_Willis 
49 GRIEVE, Phillip William "Boxer"  27 Apr 1894Queensland, Australia P-1997283123 Relph_Willis 
50 GRIEVE, Ruby  10 Mar 1904Queensland, Australia P-1997269684 Relph_Willis 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSEN, HANS  1911Queensland, Australia P-1276495435 Relph_Willis 
2 BEECROFT, MARY ANN  24 Jul 1922Queensland, Australia P-1798463208 Relph_Willis 
3 BOATWRIGHT, Gladys Letitia  1923Queensland, Australia P-331760987 Relph_Willis 
4 BUZACOTT, Violette  1950Queensland, Australia I3631 Relph_Willis 
5 CHARLTON, James  1927Queensland, Australia P-1796626559 Relph_Willis 
6 CHUCK, Thomas  3 Feb 1971Queensland, Australia P-1997269511 Relph_Willis 
7 CRAIG, Letitia  1953Queensland, Australia P769859798 Relph_Willis 
8 DICKSON, William Melville  21 Jan 1952Queensland, Australia P-1575144198 Relph_Willis 
9 DORR, Caroline August  1914Queensland, Australia P-1336185444 Relph_Willis 
10 DOWN, Sydney Thomas  1910Queensland, Australia P-1611197819 Relph_Willis 
11 DOWRICK, Stephen  20 Mar 1931Queensland, Australia P-1328372454 Relph_Willis 
12 FULCHER, Harriet  13 Feb 1886Queensland, Australia P-1098093211 Relph_Willis 
13 GARDINER, Edith  06 Feb 1963Queensland, Australia P-1834555526 Relph_Willis 
14 GOLEBY, Albert  24 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1797211240 Relph_Willis 
15 GOLEBY, Anna Rachel  17 Feb 1868Queensland, Australia P-1797213448 Relph_Willis 
16 GOLEBY, Charles Henry  19 Jun 1866Queensland, Australia P-1099822375 Relph_Willis 
17 GOLEBY, JAMES  15 Mar 1891Queensland, Australia P-1798486090 Relph_Willis 
18 GRIEVE, Alice Maud  1886Queensland, Australia P-1554071889 Relph_Willis 
19 GRIEVE, Charles  1968Queensland, Australia P-1997923430 Relph_Willis 
20 GRIEVE, Elizabeth Emma  3 Jan 1903Queensland, Australia P-1997933405 Relph_Willis 
21 GRIEVE, John  2 Feb 1920Queensland, Australia P-1992831219 Relph_Willis 
22 GRIEVE, Unnamed  5 Jun 1886Queensland, Australia P-1997300090 Relph_Willis 
23 GRIEVE, William Henry  29 Aug 1868Queensland, Australia P-1997933469 Relph_Willis 
24 GRIEVE, William Henry  16 Dec 1906Queensland, Australia P-1508209331 Relph_Willis 
25 GRIEVE, William John  1867Queensland, Australia P-1552671141 Relph_Willis 
26 HANSEN, Grace Florence Elizabeth  24 Oct 1962Queensland, Australia P-2062316263 Relph_Willis 
27 HARBOTTLE, THOMAS  1911Queensland, Australia P-1999887779 Relph_Willis 
28 HEGGIE, SUSAN MALCOLM THOMSON  1924Queensland, Australia P-2062316273 Relph_Willis 
29 HILLIER, Percy  1900Queensland, Australia P-331743407 Relph_Willis 
30 JOLIFFE, Ann  4 May 1907Queensland, Australia P-1508210472 Relph_Willis 
31 JORGENSEN, Hans Christian  1946Queensland, Australia P-1231563343 Relph_Willis 
32 KING, Ellen  1925Queensland, Australia P-1098109690 Relph_Willis 
33 LOWE, Sarah Ann  9 Oct 1947Queensland, Australia P-1575143816 Relph_Willis 
34 MELVILLE, Violette  1914Queensland, Australia I3627 Relph_Willis 
35 TRIGGER, Ruby Emma Gladys  1900Queensland, Australia P-1430643970 Relph_Willis 
36 WATTON, Shirley Alexander Sydney  6 Feb 1963Queensland, Australia P-1834589959 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOTWRIGHT, Emma May  16 Dec 1911Queensland, Australia P-1103417625 Relph_Willis 
2 DOWN, Sydney Thomas  5 Dec 1907Queensland, Australia P-1611197819 Relph_Willis 
3 DOWRICK, Alice Maude  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1328315390 Relph_Willis 
4 DOWRICK, Elizabeth Emma  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1328315854 Relph_Willis 
5 DOWRICK, Ernest Andrew  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1328315242 Relph_Willis 
6 DOWRICK, Mary Ann  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1328315651 Relph_Willis 
7 DOWRICK, Stephen  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1328372454 Relph_Willis 
8 GOLEBY, David William  16 Dec 1911Queensland, Australia P-1103652754 Relph_Willis 
9 GRIEVE, ANDREW  1865Queensland, Australia P-2055931148 Relph_Willis 
10 GRIEVE, Elizabeth Jane  21 Aug 1883Queensland, Australia P-1508270336 Relph_Willis 
11 GRIEVE, John  1865Queensland, Australia P-1992831219 Relph_Willis 
12 GRIEVE, Laura Jane  1865Queensland, Australia P-1997936674 Relph_Willis 
13 GRIEVE, PHILIP ANDREW  1865Queensland, Australia P-2055931150 Relph_Willis 
14 HANSEN, Carl Christian  1 Jan 1884Queensland, Australia P-1272587885 Relph_Willis 
15 HANSEN, Marie Christane  4 Jan 1884Queensland, Australia P-1272588626 Relph_Willis 
16 HEGGIE, JOHN BERRY  4 Sep 1882Queensland, Australia P-1999956497 Relph_Willis 
17 JOLIFFE, Ann  1865Queensland, Australia P-1508210472 Relph_Willis 
18 LEVERTON, JANE  1865Queensland, Australia P-2055931149 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOREHAM, Annie  16 Mar 1887Queensland, Australia P-1098082878 Relph_Willis 
2 FULLER, Ernest  1915Queensland, Australia P-941585166 Relph_Willis 
3 GOLEBY, ADELAIDE MARTHA  1 Jun 1886Queensland, Australia P-2055931151 Relph_Willis 
4 GOLEBY, George Leonard  16 Mar 1887Queensland, Australia P-1099825659 Relph_Willis 
5 GOLEBY, William  26 Jun 1901Queensland, Australia P-1797211827 Relph_Willis 
6 GRIEVE, Elizabeth Emma  6 Jul 1893Queensland, Australia P-1997933405 Relph_Willis 
7 GRIEVE, Laura Jane  21 Jul 1891Queensland, Australia P-1997936674 Relph_Willis 
8 GRIEVE, Ruby  12 Oct 1926Queensland, Australia P-1997269684 Relph_Willis 
9 MCFARLANE, Jacobena  26 Jun 1901Queensland, Australia P-1796601203 Relph_Willis 
10 MCINTOSH, Mary Alma  1875Queensland, Australia P-1114402807 Relph_Willis 
11 WATTON, Florence Esther May  1915Queensland, Australia P-2062316268 Relph_Willis 

Possible Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possible Marriage    Person ID   Tree 
1 HANSEN, Carl Christian  1895Queensland, Australia P-1272587885 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 HANSEN, Peter  1882Queensland, Australia P-1242031744 Relph_Willis 
2 TRIGGER, Thomas  Queensland, Australia P-1997170173 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 GRIEVE, ANDREW  1911Queensland, Australia P-2055931148 Relph_Willis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BLOMGREN / GOLEBY  27 Mar 1899Queensland, Australia F388 Relph_Willis 
2 BONHAM / GRIEVE  14 Oct 1920Queensland, Australia F1807 Relph_Willis 
3 CARLSON / DOWRICK  1908Queensland, Australia F547 Relph_Willis 
4 CHUCK / GRIEVE  12 Oct 1926Queensland, Australia F254 Relph_Willis 
5 COLQUHOUN / DOWRICK  1891Queensland, Australia F543 Relph_Willis 
6 CRONK / DOWRICK  1916Queensland, Australia F784 Relph_Willis 
7 CURRELL / MCINTOSH  1875Queensland, Australia F641 Relph_Willis 
8 DICKSON / HANSEN  28 Apr 1934Queensland, Australia F32 Relph_Willis 
9 DOWRICK / GRIEVE  1914Queensland, Australia F542 Relph_Willis 
10 FULLER / WATTON  1915Queensland, Australia F698 Relph_Willis 
11 GOLEBY / FULCHER  6 Mar 1884Queensland, Australia F662 Relph_Willis 
12 GRIEVE / GOLEBY  1 Jun 1886Queensland, Australia F161 Relph_Willis 
13 GRIEVE / HARBOTTLE  24 Nov 1919Queensland, Australia F25 Relph_Willis 
14 GRIEVE / HILL  1891Queensland, Australia F455 Relph_Willis 
15 GRIEVE / LEWIS  1920Queensland, Australia F773 Relph_Willis 
16 GRIEVE / LEWIS  1924Queensland, Australia F774 Relph_Willis 
17 GRIEVE / WILLIAMS  1901Queensland, Australia F433 Relph_Willis 
18 HARBOTTLE / WATT  1899Queensland, Australia F296 Relph_Willis 
19 HEGGIE / EGERTON  1906Queensland, Australia F1862 Relph_Willis 
20 HILLIER / DAVIDSON  1924Queensland, Australia F782 Relph_Willis 
21 HILLIER / DOWRICK  1899Queensland, Australia F545 Relph_Willis 
22 HILLIER / GRIEVE  1884Queensland, Australia F775 Relph_Willis 
23 JORGENSEN / CRAIG  1910Queensland, Australia F580 Relph_Willis 
24 JORGENSEN / HILLIER  1929Queensland, Australia F584 Relph_Willis 
25 LITZMANN / TRIGGER  6 Apr 1921Queensland, Australia F265 Relph_Willis 
26 NATZKE / SONNTAG  17 Sep 1884Queensland, Australia F539 Relph_Willis 
27 NATZKE / WATTON  1916Queensland, Australia F538 Relph_Willis 
28 OWBRIDGE / GRIEVE  4 May 1914Queensland, Australia F251 Relph_Willis 
29 PARSONS / GRIEVE  21 Jul 1891Queensland, Australia F256 Relph_Willis 
30 PORTER / LEVERTON  1869Queensland, Australia F556 Relph_Willis 
31 SCHILLING / DOWRICK  1906Queensland, Australia F546 Relph_Willis 
32 SCOTT / TRIGGER  16 Dec 1922Queensland, Australia F264 Relph_Willis 
33 SPALL / BOATWRIGHT  1921Queensland, Australia F778 Relph_Willis 
34 SPALL / DOWRICK  1895Queensland, Australia F544 Relph_Willis 
35 STOVER / BRETT  1894Queensland, Australia F506 Relph_Willis 
36 TAIT / MENGEL  1909Queensland, Australia F269 Relph_Willis 
37 THOMS / COSTIN  1886Queensland, Australia F535 Relph_Willis 
38 THOMS / WATTON  19 Sep 1919Queensland, Australia F534 Relph_Willis 
39 TRIGGER / GRIEVE  6 Jul 1893Queensland, Australia F262 Relph_Willis 
40 TRIGGER / GRIEVE  1907Queensland, Australia F261 Relph_Willis 
41 UNKNOWN / GRIEVE  1884Queensland, Australia F257 Relph_Willis 
42 WATTON / GARDINER  22 Dec 1914Queensland, Australia F363 Relph_Willis 
43 WATTON / RICHARDSON  22 May 1912Queensland, Australia F362 Relph_Willis 
44 WATTON / TRULOCK  16 Apr 1927Queensland, Australia F364 Relph_Willis 
45 WILSON-STEWART / TRIGGER  1926Queensland, Australia F742 Relph_Willis