Genealogy of the Relph & Willis families
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Qld, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURTON, James Edwin  1887Qld, Australia P-902861535 Relph_Willis 
2 BUZACOTT, Albert  1872Qld, Australia P-395668420 Relph_Willis 
3 BUZACOTT, Annie  1864Qld, Australia P-395678721 Relph_Willis 
4 BUZACOTT, Charles Hardie  1869Qld, Australia P-395672072 Relph_Willis 
5 BUZACOTT, Emily Whiteford  1861Qld, Australia P-395725140 Relph_Willis 
6 BUZACOTT, George  1862Qld, Australia P-395676913 Relph_Willis 
7 BUZACOTT, Louisa Maud  1871Qld, Australia P-395669893 Relph_Willis 
8 BUZACOTT, William James  1866Qld, Australia P-395674739 Relph_Willis 
9 DICKSON, William Melville Jnr  7 Aug 1907Qld, Australia P-2062316258 Relph_Willis 
10 FENNELL, Gloria  1927Qld, Australia P991741950 Relph_Willis 
11 HARBOTTLE, Elizabeth Elsie Bruce  14 Feb 1910Qld, Australia P-1999115531 Relph_Willis 
12 HARTLEY, Charles Stewart Buzacott  1880Qld, Australia P-395550527 Relph_Willis 
13 HARTLEY, Emily Christiana  1882Qld, Australia P-395549176 Relph_Willis 
14 HARTLEY, George Williamson  1888Qld, Australia P-395541880 Relph_Willis 
15 HARTLEY, Jane Verney  1890Qld, Australia P-395535050 Relph_Willis 
16 HARTLEY, John William Murray  1892Qld, Australia P-395534286 Relph_Willis 
17 HARTLEY, Robert Lister Whiteford  1885Qld, Australia P-395543056 Relph_Willis 
18 HARTLEY, Sarah Isabel  1883Qld, Australia P-395544293 Relph_Willis 
19 HARTLEY, Sarah Louise Esther  1897Qld, Australia P-395533261 Relph_Willis 
20 JORGENSEN, Bodel Hansine Elizabeth  1889Qld, Australia P-1231562945 Relph_Willis 
21 JORGENSEN, Lilley Margrette  1891Qld, Australia P-1231561462 Relph_Willis 
22 KREBS, Charles Louis  1886Qld, Australia P-339284012 Relph_Willis 
23 MANT, Charles Henry Reginald  1889Qld, Australia P-902598300 Relph_Willis 
24 MANT, Herbert Frederic Arthur  1890Qld, Australia P-902595580 Relph_Willis 
25 MANT, Percy Richard Leslie  1892Qld, Australia P-902592471 Relph_Willis 
26 MANT, William Edward Walter  1885Qld, Australia P-902601016 Relph_Willis 
27 PERSHOUSE, Alfred Ernest  1884Qld, Australia P-902559188 Relph_Willis 
28 PERSHOUSE, Clara  1894Qld, Australia P-902557342 Relph_Willis 
29 PERSHOUSE, Edwin Ashworth  1880Qld, Australia P-902467180 Relph_Willis 
30 PERSHOUSE, Ellen  1876Qld, Australia P-902559894 Relph_Willis 
31 PERSHOUSE, Evelynn Mary  1902Qld, Australia P-902553827 Relph_Willis 
32 PERSHOUSE, Jenetta  1888Qld, Australia P-902558363 Relph_Willis 
33 PERSHOUSE, Joseph Albert  1882Qld, Australia P-902559517 Relph_Willis 
34 PERSHOUSE, Mina  1893Qld, Australia P-902557607 Relph_Willis 
35 PERSHOUSE, Ruth Elizabeth  1886Qld, Australia P-902558753 Relph_Willis 
36 PERSHOUSE, Sarah Maria  1874Qld, Australia P-902435153 Relph_Willis 
37 PERSHOUSE, Thomas James  1896Qld, Australia P-902556926 Relph_Willis 
38 PERSHOUSE, Violet May  1890Qld, Australia P-902558037 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUZACOTT, Emily Whiteford  1912Qld, Australia P-395725140 Relph_Willis 
2 BUZACOTT, George Hitchcock  1918Qld, Australia P-665895772 Relph_Willis 
3 BUZACOTT, William Hitchcock  26 Jul 1880Qld, Australia P-664039758 Relph_Willis 
4 HARBOTTLE, Elizabeth Elsie Bruce  14 Feb 1910Qld, Australia P-1999115531 Relph_Willis 
5 HARBOTTLE, Jane Matilda  14 Jul 1888Qld, Australia P-1974947829 Relph_Willis 
6 MANT, Walter Heron  1918Qld, Australia P-902603199 Relph_Willis 
7 MANT, William Edward Walter  1885Qld, Australia P-902601016 Relph_Willis 
8 PERSHOUSE, Evelynn Mary  1903Qld, Australia P-902553827 Relph_Willis 
9 PERSHOUSE, Francis Ashworth  1927Qld, Australia P-905173665 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 HEGGIE, SUSAN MALCOLM THOMSON  11 Aug 1888Qld, Australia P-2062316273 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HARBOTTLE, Herbert Henry  Qld, Australia P-1999144411 Relph_Willis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOWLES, Henry  1917Qld, Australia P-1997163276 Relph_Willis 
2 BUZACOTT, Sarah A.  1879Qld, Australia P-395777794 Relph_Willis 
3 HARTLEY, Stewart Williamson  1879Qld, Australia P-395665367 Relph_Willis 
4 KREBS, Charles Louis  1916Qld, Australia P-339284012 Relph_Willis 
5 TRIGGER, Daisy Casiah  1916Qld, Australia P-1554089655 Relph_Willis 
6 TRIGGER, Myrtle Maud Jane  1917Qld, Australia P-1997168860 Relph_Willis 
7 WILSON-STEWART, George James  1879Qld, Australia P-339308596 Relph_Willis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BURTON / HARBOTTLE  1886Qld, Australia F706 Relph_Willis 
2 DICKSON / LOWE  25 Mar 1891Qld, Australia F448 Relph_Willis 
3 GRIEVE / KOPELKE  1910Qld, Australia F246 Relph_Willis 
4 GRIEVE / MCDONALD  1909Qld, Australia F247 Relph_Willis 
5 HARBOTTLE / PERSHOUSE  1876Qld, Australia F295 Relph_Willis 
6 LAVENDER / HARBOTTLE  1913Qld, Australia F245 Relph_Willis 
7 MCDONALD / HARBOTTLE  1911Qld, Australia F243 Relph_Willis 
8 PERSHOUSE / BOLTON  1882Qld, Australia F300 Relph_Willis 
9 PERSHOUSE / HARBOTTLE  1876Qld, Australia F705 Relph_Willis 
10 PERSHOUSE / RIDEOUT  1873Qld, Australia F704 Relph_Willis